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Downloadable Files

Donation required to download some premium files here. To view folder content, just click it. To navigate back after opening a folder, use path link below. In case you wish to download the entire folder as a zip file, use this link to donate. The download link will be sent to your email.

path: downloads

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Buying Bitcoins From

If you have placed an order and have not paid for it because you do not have Bitcoin, you can use your visa card or MasterCard to pay for your order using website.

Here is how to do that.

1. Go to moonpay website Here
2. Select BTC-Bitcoin under currency.
3. Under amount, enter order amount in USD or equivalent if you are using a different currency.
4. Click Buy Now.
5. Enter the wallet address you received when you placed the order. (Check your email for order details, or place the order again to get new wallet address.)
6. Enter your card details and checkout.

After paying reply to the order email and indicate that you have paid.
The download link will automatically be sent to your email within minutes.

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Buying Bitcoins At Paxful

At, you are able to buy bitcoin using over 300 payment methods, including your local mobile payments and bank transfer.Follow these instructions to donate using paxful.

  1.  Go to
  2.  Create account and login.
  3.  Verify your email and phone.
  4.  Buy bitcoin worth order amount using your preferred  payment method.
  5.  After buying, the amount will be transferred to us automatically.
  6.  The download link will then be sent to your email within a minute.